Jul 15 2015

National Pet Fire Safety Day–Keep Your Animals Safe, Oak Creek!

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day! Bil-Jac and The Red Cross created some great tips to help keep you and your pets safe:

  • Determine which family member will be responsible for each pet.
  • Know where your pets hide, as this may be the first place they go if there is a fire.
  • Plan to bring your pet’s carrier when you evacuate the house. It can be a safe and comforting place for your pet to be, especially when the fire truck arrives.
  • Put a Pet Alert window sticker on a door or window near the front with the number of pets you have in the house. You can find these at pet stores or shelters. It will help the rescue team know to look for your pets.
  • If you have to leave your home and go to a shelter, you will most likely not be able to bring your pets with you. Ask someone in your family or a friend in advance if they would be willing to keep your pets for you in case of an emergency.
  • Practice, practice, practice. It may seem silly, but running through the plan will help everyone feel more comfortable about what they need to do and will identify issues that are not clear or have not been well planned yet.

We also have a great infographic located on our site here for more info. Oak Creek, keep your pets safe!

*Image source: www.poisonedpets.com

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