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How to Care for a Pet With Noise Aversion

Does the distant rumble of thunder cause your pet to run for cover? Perhaps the vacuum cleaner’s whirr sends them into a panic, and fireworks’ booms cause them to frantically seek out a hiding place. Noise aversion is a common but often misunderstood condition that can transform a happy and well-adjusted pet into a terrified, [...]

Taking Care of Ticks: What to Do If You Find a Tick On Your Pet

Spotting a tick creeping through your pet’s fur, or worse, attached to their skin is enough to make your own skin crawl. These bloodsucking parasites do more than just give you a creepy-crawly feeling. They can transmit a multitude of serious diseases that can have lifelong negative effects on your pet’s health. If you find [...]

Getting to the Point: Acupuncture for Pets

When your pet has a medical or behavioral issue, you want to ensure you are doing everything possible, from administering supplements to scheduling surgery, to manage their condition and help them heal as quickly as possible. In many cases, acupuncture can be the perfect complementary therapy to help your furry pal feel better, heal naturally, [...]

How Your Pet Benefits From Regular Wellness Care

Scheduling your pet’s veterinary exam when they appear perfectly healthy may seem unnecessary, but regular wellness care is vital to your furry pal’s health, happiness, and wellbeing. Our Oak Creek Veterinary Care team explains why you should click Request Appointment now to schedule your pet’s next wellness visit. 5 key benefits of regular wellness care [...]

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