Feeling Thankful for a Warm Fall!

What a wonderful fall it’s been! We’ve had the warmest fall on record. It’s not only been enjoyable for humans but also for dogs, too! We bet your pups have had the chance to enjoy more walks and romps outdoors later in the season than they have in years past. This warm weather is a [...]

Happy Fourth of July, Oak Creek!

We are closed on Monday for Fourth of July, but we wanted to leave you with a few safety tips for an enjoyable weekend. It’s best to leave your pets home when you go out to celebrate the festivities. The summer heat, crowded gatherings, and loud noises can all be problematic for your pets. If you [...]

Eew! It’s Tick Season Again! Even in Oak Creek!

April has come and gone and we’ve reached some wonderfully warm temps this past weekend here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Many people who think about ticks think you can only find them up in the north woods. Unfortunately, that’s not true at all! This pup here gets them every day in her busy subdivision in [...]

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