Oak Creek Veterinary Care is proud to announce the launch of our new app! With just the touch of a button, you can access your dog or cat’s medical records, schedule appointments, order food and medications, and get loyalty stamps while you’re at it!

When signing up, you will automatically receive your first loyalty stamp. Another way to receive stamps is for every $100 or more spent in a single invoice–paid in full, at the time of your visit–will also earn you a stamp. For example, if you spend $417 and you have our app downloaded on your phone, you will receive four stamps from that purchase! After you have received 16 stamps, Oak Creek Veterinary Care will give a $100 credit to your account, available starting at your next visit.

Starting March 1, we will offer a promotional stamp for heartworm prevention. When you purchase 12 months of any heartworm prevention for one pet, you will receive an additional stamp!

To download the app, go to the app store on your mobile phone and search for Oak Creek Veterinary Care. Look for the app that has a white icon with a red cross. Once you download the app, create an account using the email that our clinic has on file. If you use the email that we have on file, all of your pet’s information will automatically connect to the app!

Please take your time and explore the new way to engage with us! Selfie shots, ASPCA poison control line, CareCredit application, and Facebook and Twitter links are all located on the app to make things simple and easy to use. We are very excited to connect with you! Give us a call at 414-301-9113 for any questions or to schedule an appointment!