We are closed on Saturday for Fourth of July, but we wanted to leave you with a few safety tips for an enjoyable weekend.

  • It’s best to leave your pets home when you go out to celebrate the festivities. The summer heat, crowded gatherings, and loud noises can all be problematic for your pets.
  • If you will be home with your pets, keep them indoors and check on them regularly if neighbors (or you) are setting off fireworks.
  • Don’t let your pets near the barbecue grill (and keep charcoal and kabob skewers away from them, too!).
  • Resist the urge to feed your pets people food.
  • Be sure your pets are up to date on vaccines and preventatives. Heartworm and Lyme disease preventatives are top priorities this time of year!

If you’ve had issues with your pets on the Fourth of July in the past, please feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our vets to discuss remedies. Also, if your pet’s not microchipped, now’s a better time than ever! If your pet gets scared and runs from the fireworks, you want to be sure they make their way back home safely!

Enjoy your holiday, Oak Creek! Your veterinarian will be back open on Monday!