With temperatures on the rise the past few days, we at Oak Creek Veterinary Care would like to discuss the importance of flea and tick prevention. Of course, keeping your furry family members safe and healthy is our #1 priority here, and we’re sure it’s important for you as well.

Flea and tick prevention is recommended year round, especially for pets that have access to the outside. Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific “season” in which pets are completely safe from infestation. These parasites are most comfortable in humid weather, between 70 and 80 degrees, but they can still be found with other weather. Adult fleas will die off with a few days of below-freezing temperatures in a row, but other life stages such as eggs, larva, and pupa can survive. Ticks, on the other hand, do not die in below-freezing temperatures and will simply go dormant until temperatures start rising. Fleas and ticks can cause many health concerns for your pets, including but not limited to anemia, blood loss, Lyme disease, or even paralysis.

For your pet to qualify for flea and tick prevention, they must be up to date with their annual wellness exam and vaccinations. If you would like to get your pet started on prevention, please feel free to contact our clinic via phone at 414-301-9113 or email at info@oakcreekvetcare.com and we can assist you with what’s needed.

Stay safe, and enjoy the weather!