We recently had a puppy come in that swallowed a whole toy. We did what we could to try to get the puppy to throw the object up, to no avail. So, Dr. Toro had to take quick action and conduct surgery on the puppy for removal.

Do you know the signs if your dog swallows a foreign object? Keep an eye out for things like:

  • Loss of appetite or reduced appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Absence of feces or sometimes diarrhea
  • Signs of abdominal discomfort – reluctance to move, crying out

Know the signs we mentioned above, and keep our number handy: 414-301-9113. Dr. Toro worked as a critical care vet at an emergency clinic prior to opening Oak Creek Veterinary Care. We are so glad we are able to provide these services for our clients during normal business hours!

Piper is back to her normal self now, and, Shelby, Piper’s owner, was kind enough to leave us a wonderful review:

Dr. Toro and the staff took excellent care of our puppy who had to have emergency surgery to remove a chew toy she swallowed whole. The environment was very welcoming, everyone was friendly, and we felt more than comfortable leaving our puppy in their hands (we were just visiting South Milwaukee from Iowa when this occurred). We had a great experience! If Oak Creek Veterinary Clinic was in our home town, that’s the place we’d choose for primary care for our puppy.