Keep Those Dogs Safe This Summer–Leave Them Home in the Heat!

It’s summer here in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where temps and humidity levels are usually at their highest. We’ve all heard about it, but does it ever really sink in: kids and dogs being left in cars on hot days, often resulting in fatalities. Many of us have dogs who absolutely love car rides and would give up a [...]

Happy Fourth of July, Oak Creek!

We are closed on Monday for Fourth of July, but we wanted to leave you with a few safety tips for an enjoyable weekend. It’s best to leave your pets home when you go out to celebrate the festivities. The summer heat, crowded gatherings, and loud noises can all be problematic for your pets. If you [...]

Are you heat aware?

Here in Oak Creek, we went from a 40-degree weekend in mid-May to the 80s very quickly. Summer is finally upon us! During this wonderful time of year, please always be mindful of the risks when bringing your pets along with you for car rides. Cars heat up very quickly when they aren’t running–especially if [...]

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