Services Offered by Oak Creek Vet Care

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality medical care to our small animal patients. Our team tirelessly educates themselves on the topics of cutting-edge medicine to ensure progressive and compassionate care. Our goal is to work side by side with our clients to empower them to make the best health decisions for their pets. From excellent client service to state-of-the-art equipment at our animal hospital, we are here every step of the way during your pet’s Oak Creek Veterinary Care experience. Listed below are just some of the services and surgical procedures we are able to offer to you and your beloved pets:

  •  Canine and Feline Medicine
    • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease processes
    • Diabetes
    • Cushing’s disease
    • Addison’s disease
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Seizure management
    • Immune-mediated disorders
    • Weight management
  • Canine and Feline Preventative Medicine
    • Core and customized immunizations (vaccinations)
    • Control and prevention of parasitic diseases
    • Intestinal parasites and heartworm disease
    • Veterinarian-exclusive flea and tick preventative medicine
      • Oral and topical
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostics
    • Digital radiography
    • Complete in-hospital laboratory
    • Specialized outside reference laboratory
    • Ultrasonography
    • Tonometry (eye pressure)
    • Electrocardiography (ECG)
    • Telemedicine capabilities
  • Dentistry
    • Dental cleaning
    • Staging of dental and gingival disease
    • Digital radiography
    • Client education, including products for at-home dental care
  • Emergency and Critical Care
    • Blood product transfusions and blood typing
    • Trauma
    • Oxygen support and IV fluid support
    • Isolation unit for contagious patients
    • Cardiac disease
    • Toxicity
    • Puppy/kitten emergencies
    • CPR
    • Defibrillation
    • Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV, or “Bloat”) stabilization and surgery
  • Anesthesia and Pain Management
    • Advanced monitoring of anesthesia
      • ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, end-tidal CO2
    • Progressive pain management practices for acute and chronic pain
      • CRI, pain patches, epidural, and local blocks
  • Surgery
    • Spay/neuter
    • Prophylactic gastropexy
    • Abdominal exploration
    • Cherry eye
    • Surgical biopsy
    • Cystotomy
    • Chronic wound management
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Acupuncture
    • Chinese Herbal Medicine

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