It’s hard to believe summer is nearing the end. Back-to-school season is in full swing and those furry friends of yours are either excited to finally get some relaxation in or maybe a little sad their human friends are gone for the day. September is Happy Cat Month, and we have a few tips to keep those kitties feeling loved.

Cats have energy they need to get rid of throughout the day–provide them with a place where you can play together and keep their goodies, like a scratch post or a box of fun toys.

Speaking of toys, keep a variety of toys available, such as laser pointers, feather wands, and stuffed mice, to give them the chance to interact and pounce. This is a great form of exercise for your house-ridden friends!

Spend quality time together. You can do this pretty easily. Get some housework done in the same room so they know you’re by their side. Find time to cuddle with your furry feline as you wind down and watch TV or read a book. Remember to also let them be when they need it!

Finally, keep up with your regular vet visits. To some cats, the vet might seem scary, but the preventive medical care will help keep them healthy by catching any ailments before they become serious. Give our AAHA-accredited animal hospital a call at 414-301-9113 to schedule your appointment today!