With the change in weather lately, you might feel like you’ve moved to Alaska! OCVC wants to help keep those furry family members warm and safe during the winter months. We have provided some extra tips and tricks for going outside during this time of year.

Booties: Booties can help protect their paws from salt and getting frostbite quickly. One way to help keep them insulated is to add a pair of socks before the booties themselves go on.

Jackets: Jackets can help add a layer of warmth to your fur baby for those pets with short coats or small dogs.

Limited time outside: Depending on the breed and size of your dog and, of course, the temperature, make sure to pay attention to how your dog is responding to the cold weather. Some breeds can stand to be outside longer than others and actually enjoy it. When temperatures drop crucially low, most dogs need to be outside just to do their business.

We hope everyone stays warm and is safe during the winter season. Remember, call us if you need us!