Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we’d like to take a moment to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. It’s always important to remember things we’re thankful for and keep us going every day. Here at OCVC, we are extremely thankful for our clients that have stayed by our side, especially during these rough times. We know things have been difficult in the world lately, and even here at the clinic, but we appreciate every single one of you for sticking through the changes and still relying on us to provide your pets with the best care possible!

Around this time of year, there are quite a few distractions and temptations in reach of our furry friends. Human food is seldom a good idea to feed to your pets, but can be tolerated in mderation. Please be sure to do research into what your pets can and can’t have, before sharing your Thanksgiving feast with them. There are quite a few products that can be very harmful or even deadly to your pets, including but not limited to; sugar subsitute (also known as Xylitol), pumpkin pie, chocolate, avocado, coconut, nuts, onions and alcohol. Believe it or not, turkey bones are also a major culprit in Thanksgiving ER visits, as these can break apart and splinter, causing internal damage or even blockages. In case of consumption of a harmful ingredients, be sure to contact the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline as soon as possible: 1-888-426-4435

Our clinic will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and will reopen at 8:00am on Friday, November 27th. If you feel your pet needs any immediate care during this time, please contact Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists, which is a 24 hour emergency clinic, located in Oak Creek at 9472 S 27th St in Oak Creek and can be reached at 414-761-6333.

Thank you all for staying by our side! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!