With colder temperatures and Halloween on the horizon, we know that means another change is coming soon: daylight saving time. It’s time to fall back! Some might think of it as a way to stay out later the night before or get an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Others–especially those with dogs and kids–might be stressed out.

Many dogs are creatures of habit, waking at the first hint of sunlight, expecting food or a walk shortly thereafter, and living the predictable life in other interesting ways. But, come Sunday, November 5, you might be in for a rude awakening–quite literally! Don’t be surprised if your faithful companion wakes up early for a walk or you find him eating at different times. Or if he seems stressed when you come home from work on Monday in the dark. He might not know how to read a real clock, but his biological clock is definitely ticking.

You’ve got a week before the big change occurs, so there’s still time to ease your pup into the changes. Start by slowly altering the times when you feed, walk, play, etc. and do so until after the change and until your routine is back to normal. Start slow and work up to it–perhaps by 15 minutes every couple of days.

Hang in there, too! These effects could last up to a few weeks.