April has come and gone and we’ve reached some wonderfully warm temps this past weekend here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Many people who think about ticks think you can only find them up in the north woods. Unfortunately, that’s not true at all! This pup here gets them every day in her busy subdivision in Muskego!

Please give us a call to get your preventatives, and if you have any concerns about Lyme Disease, please see us at Oak Creek Veterinary Care animal hospital for testing! Bravecto is a great drug that now keeps your dog safe for up to 12 weeks in a single dose! Your dogs can’t wait to get out there and play. It’s the season for doing so, so please keep them safe! Call your veterinarian at 414-301-9113!

Check out one of our news articles for more information on ticks: https://oakcreekvetcare.com/news/tick-talk-questions-and-answers.